Excellent outsource bookie solutions by signing with bookperhead.com

June 22, 2009

Are you tired of answering phone call after phone call when an important game is on the board? Do you feel that your efforts in keeping your wagering business going are excessive and are not letting you enjoy your earnings because you just don’t have time? Then you probably should be considering joining a price per head voice and data solutions company that provides business process outsourcing.   The leading sportsbook solutions provider is bookperhead.com.

Our per head call center is actually a pay per head offshore company, which means that we operate outside the United States and work under the legal gambling laws of Costa Rica, the country where our bookmaker solutions and sportsbook is located.  Since we are able to cut expenses by working from this Central American country, our price per head voice and data solutions are cheaper and, therefore, the pay per head fee that is paid by the bookie to bookperhead.com is affordable considering the large amount of sportsbook solutions which the bookmaker’s clients will enjoy.

Remember, there are many pay per head sportsbook services providers which are not legitimate.  When choosing an online sports betting software company, you need to take into consideration the quality of the outsourced bookmaking solutions you’ll be receiving versus the sometimes absurdly low pay per head fee. In contrast with non-legitimate price per head sports operations, our price per head call center supplies remarkable services (including business process outsourcing) to any bookie for a fair price while guaranteeing full satisfaction to our clients and their respective customers.

If you wish to attract success into your sports betting business, it is time for you to make a good decision and acquire the bookmaker solutions of bookperhead.com, an outsource bookmaking company that is famous for delivering superior wagering services while maintaining an appropriate level of respect and courtesy. If you wish to become a member of our pph institution, then contact us over the phone at 1-877-774-0999 for free or visit our website in order to have access to our contact/sign up form. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to info@bookperhead.com.  Your success in the sports betting industry will be secured once you’ve signed up for an account with perheadshop.com


Leonardo DiCaprio online casinos and sportsbooks movie in Costa Rica

June 19, 2009

As we all may know online casinos are very famous nowadays, especially in places where these activities are legal like here in Costa Rica where our PPH sportsbook is located. Many people seem to be attracted to this sports betting industry; both if it is to gamble or just for the experience that can be acquired from this type of business. Leonardo DiCaprio is certainly not the exception for this. With no specific details about the subject, it is said that Costa Rica is the target for Leonardo DiCaprio’s gambling movie. Being an actor and a producer sounds like a hard work and Leo is definitely a busy person with many projects awaiting him; there is not a date for this specific project yet but we are sure its time will come.

Why Costa Rica? The online casinos and price per head services provided to bookies and bettors coming from this country are fascinating and many people involved in the business point at Costa Rica as the base of the betting empire they are about to construct. It is even compared to Las Vegas but in a very virtual way. Leonardo DiCaprio, along with the Ocean’s Thirteen writers are planning to explore the sports betting industry and turn their knowledge into a movie; an interesting one for sure. However, it is a well-known area for the film’s writers already since they are experienced in writing gambling scripts.

This is not only a prove that our virtual price per head sportsbook is located in a very well seen place for this sports betting industry, but also that we are capable of providing or clients with the best PPH online services available in the market; however, being located in Costa Rica does not mean that every PPH sportsbook here is good and we can assure you that we are the best, just try our PPH online services once and you will find out.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Costa Rica sounds like an exciting event for everyone residing this country and for sure what their movie is going to be about, giving us more details. They do not have a name for the movie yet, but they are all going to work it out on time. Online casinos and PPH online services are becoming more famous everyday and with this, more people who want to take part of this growing business. We are proud to be the best in providing our clients with the best price per head services.

NASCAR Season Increases Demand for Per Head Gambling

June 2, 2009

With the NASCAR season in full throttle, demand for per head gambling on racing has increased according to most price per head offshoring companies.  NASCAR betting has been growing in popularity as the sport continues to reach a wider audience.  The NASCAR season has a schedule that runs from February through November so players can place wagers on races throughout most of the year.  This type of schedule is why onshore agents like NASCAR gambling.  The more wagers his players make will only improve his per head sports bookmaking business.

Here at our per head gambling company, we have a separate department dedicated to NASCAR betting.  This is a major benefit as price per head for credit agents is designed to provide the ultimate betting experience for the agent’s players.  Not all onshore agents offer NASCAR gambling which is an inconvenience to players.  They may look elsewhere for NASCAR betting and end up leaving the agent.  The last thing onshore agents want is for a player to stop placing bets with him because of a lack of services.  With a full array of services, including NASCAR gambling, players will have no reason to go elsewhere.

We encourage agents to explore the possibility of moving their players to our bookie clients call center service.  We have a large, English-speaking staff of professional customer service representatives who are on call 24/7 to take wagers.  With gambling pay per head bookie outsourcing, you the bookie can sit back and relax while you let our wagering call center sportsbook handle your calls for you.

In addition to providing pay per head call center services, we are a sportsbook software solutions provider.  We give bookmakers the reports that they could never have on their own.  Most bookmakers run their businesses almost blindly, with very few reports that actually show them how their business is performing.  We want your bookmaking business to succeed and have therefore made it as simple as possible for you to understand what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.  For a minimal weekly price per head fee you can have access to a great variety of custom reports online.

Regardless of whether your players bet on NASCAR or not, we guarantee you that our services will make your players extremely satisfied.  We have a huge betting menu and a great site online so they can always check their figures without having to call.  If they want to call, that is no problem as we always have English-speaking customer service representatives available.  Furthermore, not only will your players be happy with our superior custom service, but your  business will be able to expand, grow, and take in more profits.

French Open increases per head gambling.

June 1, 2009

Tennis players from all over the world are now in Roland Garros for this year’s French Open.  As one of the four grand slams of tennis, the French Open is undoubtedly one of the most popular tennis events of the year.  Because a Nadal vs. Federer French Open final will now no longer take place, tennis players know this is Roger Federer’s biggest opportunity yet to win this coveted title.  By winning the French Open final, Roger Federer can join the very short list of players who have won all four grand slam titles during their career.  Famous tennis players have notoriously struggled at the French Open because of its grueling and demanding clay court surface.  Most notably, Pete Sampras, who holds the most grand slam titles in history, was never able to conquer the clay courts of Roland Garros.   Sampras never even made the French Open final which shows how difficult this tournament can be for even the best players.  By winning Roland Garros, Federer would tie Pete Sampras’ record for most grand slam titles and can almost be guaranteed the title of greatest player ever because he was able to win on all four surfaces.

All this drama is great for per head gambling as there are many different options for wagering.  Surely many will be wagering on whether Federer will win the entire tournament and enter the history books.  Here at our sportsbook betting software company, we also have a props department in our pay per head call center that takes wagers on just about anything outside of normal sports wagering.  For instance, this per head shop department allows gamblers to bet on how many sets will be played in the final.  It is a great way to add extra excitement to gambling and a fantastic way for a price per head outsourcing company to increase the revenues for their gambling agents.

Per head gambling on tennis has grown in popularity over the years, particularly the grand slam tournaments.  With sixty-four matches in the first round alone, there is a plethora of betting options, and that’s only on the men’s side!  By adding the women’s side, the amount of options doubles in size.  That’s a good thing too because women’s tennis is extremely popular as well.  Most price per head bookie services include tennis as one of their offerings.  Be sure to inquire as to whether your local bookie service offers this.

Only time will tell whether Roger Federer will make history and become only the seventh man of all time to win all four grand slam tournaments.  In the meantime, however, sports enthusiasts will keep wagering away on the classic game of tennis.

New Era of Gambling

April 22, 2009

Price per head services have become the future, a new way to handle the gambling industry. No more notebooks keeping your confidential records unsafe, or having legality issues around you. Remember that Price Per Head Data Processing services is an offshore call center which increases the opportunity and the chance to become a successful bookie.


Your costumers can bet comfortably from their own Laptops, Blackberries, IPhones…you name it. A new era is rising in the sportsbook industry, which is safe and less stressful for anyone. It creates a very cozy atmosphere when everyone is betting his/her favorite sport and team from the comfort of their home or even a car. By hiring Price Per Head Data Processing services you can save a lot of your time looking for new costumers instead of taking bets on your own, moving lines, and the most important, keeping records of the wagers.


Our costumer service sportsbook agents are 100% multilingual and with a unique knowledge regarding any kind of sports, types of wagers, besides their attitude towards clients are very friendly and the most important thing of all is that , they know what are they doing.


There are also other factors which need to be considered in this new era of gambling. Trust was always a problem between a bookie and the client, now the two parts are equally establishing a measure with the price per head services, since you are dealing directly with the offshore call center which operates 24/7, offering a Live Chat service also.


Now, offseason is coming, and guess what? Our price per head services and casino games can bring you more money from your costumers since not all of them like to bet on sports. You can increase your clientele even if there are no more NFL or NBA. They love gambling and our casino section will entertain them for good.


If you want to start your own sports book offshore let us show you how easy it is to manage your business through a Price Per Head sportsbook in which everything is stored electronically, including money data, player and gaming statistics. It’s simple, easy and keep in mind that Price per Head Services are the new era of gambling.


Make headway with price per head outsource betting

April 21, 2009

Price per head outsource betting has become the new trend among bookies that enjoy a thriving business and a clientele that expects the best service from their provider. Betters have become more selective into whom they put their trust in and the per head shop trend has contributed to this selectiveness among clients and bookies.

The reasons for these are clear as water, price per head solutions guarantee a level of confidence that no independent bookie can even dream of providing, since the investment in technology and capable manpower done by professional per head services is no match to the pen and paper of even the most resourceful and confident bookie out there.

This is why the best bookies are not working independently any more, price per head outsource betting has become their best tool to grow their business to levels they never imagined they could reach, just because their time is now spent focusing on new things and new strategies on how to get more clients, since their existing clientele is already taken care of.

Gambling is a serious deal and sports represent one of the best platforms for this business; so many sports and so many bets out there, there comes a point when a bookie needs to make the decision of outsourcing their work or their clients are going to look for better places to bet on, where they receive better attention and better results.

Of course, they need to look for a legal betting call center provider and since regulations are quite delicate in America, the solution is always offshore and this is where a Costa Rica sportsbook call center comes into play.

Price per head solutions have found a great home in Costa Rica, where people are experienced in the business and the infrastructure and technology is advanced to the point of guaranteeing a service that will satisfy both the bookie and his client.

Of course, bookies will still have to research for reliable companies that will provide the most definitely needed service. Not all price per head outsource betting companies are professional enough to be able to handle thousands of clients, so make sure that the one you choose actually delivers what they promise, try them out, because if they are worth it, they will probably let you get a test drive.

PPH Offshore Call Center Outsourcing is without a doubt the best thing that has happened since sliced bread, well, at least for the sports betting world, so make sure you follow the trend of price per head solutions and give that boost to your business that will get you over the top.

Legal aspects of local bookmaking vs. outsourcing offshore

April 20, 2009


As you all may know, the betting business is illegal in many places, but the United States especially. The U.S. government has declared offline and online betting illegal. However, they cannot prevent this from happening since this industry is enormously growing and betting options are becoming larger as time passes by. With this, a new question arises; is outsourcing offshore illegal as well? At least the United States holds that it is not legal; however, when other countries do not have any laws against it, people will no have any problems with a bookmaker sportsbook.

If you are in the United States or in a country where online betting is illegal, then local bookmaking would not be the right decision for you to make. Local bookmaking increases the risk of having legal problems, since you will have to be hiding from the authorities; and as soon as you get in trouble, it will be the end of your business, plus you may go to jail. Being careful is one of the most important things in this industry; especially when dealing with offline or online wagering services.

If you are in the bookie market and you care for the security of your betting business, then it is highly recommended that you take the option of outsourcing offshore, which is a choice that will secure you because it will be located in a place where online wagering services will not be dangerous for you and your players. A bookmaker sportsbook in a safe place can be easily found, however you will have to choose the best one for you rent their services. Hiring an outsource sportsbook may increase your chances to expand your offline or online betting industry and it is easier to do that, instead of starting one on your own, since it will take you a lot of time and money.

Outsourcing offshore is a good option for people who want to expand their business but they just cannot go out there and look for players because it is illegal. If they are okay and want a small betting business which can be easily secured then a local bookmaking is just fine. But always remember that your personal security along with your player’s is vital.

Call Centers Outsource

April 19, 2009

When looking to outsource bookmaking, it is imperative that your players have one central booking system where they can go to place all bets at any moment of the day. This booking system usually consists of a sportsbook call center which contains a large amount of experienced staff that can take your players’ wagers, answer their questions and provide them line information in a quick and courteous manner. Your players are surely to be satisfied with our sportsbook services as there is always someone for them to talk to and assist them. Our betting solutions are also surely going to help you, the sportsbook agent, because you won’t have to deal with the headache of the daily operational aspects of the business.

Most companies are seeking call center solutions these days in order to better serve their customers while cutting costs. However, it is not so easy for a sportsbook agent to just hire any call center as there are legal issues involved with the sports betting business. A small sportsbook agent will really struggle in finding call center solutions because they don’t have much business to offer the call center. However, we treat all agents the same, regardless of the amount of customers. You are guaranteed to receive superior service if you have five clients of five hundred clients.


Our extremely experienced customer service representatives will treat each sportsbook agent and each player with the utmost respect. They are trained to collect only relevant information as we do not want to store any personal information that could identify them.

Agents have the opportunity to customize the experienced their players receive through our booking system. Our sportsbook solutions were developed to avoid the many problems that often come up with another sportsbook call center. Your players will never receive a scripted answer. They will always get a personal response from one of our customer service representatives. They will always deal with the most experienced professionals in the industry because our hiring standards are so strict, especially when it comes to language requirements. Our phone systems are the best in the business to ensure that your clients never have to wait and their calls will never be dropped. Lastly, we hold constant meetings between all departments to ensure we are in sync and that the sportsbook call center is running smoothly.

VIP players? Try priceperhead.com

April 18, 2009

Not all sports bettors wagers at the same level, as there is a group of them which are considered VIP for their bookmakers. This is because these are the players whom place bets in a daily basis and for large sums of money. Of course, if you have these type of bettors within your sports betting portfolio, it is almost a fact that you would want to provide them with personalized attention because you don’t want the money they spend to end up in the pockets of another bookie.

So, when using the pay per head services of a pph shop like priceperhead.com, you can be certain that each one of your VIP clients will be satisfied with the high-level attention they will get from the per head agents at their pay per head offshore call center.

Well, if you are an sports agent whom have been in the wagering business for a while, you probably know that VIP clients don’t come often, and when you start dealing with one of them, you want to give a good first impression and you might also want to provide the VIP with services that goes beyond simple phone betting, and certainly, by using the pay per head services of priceperhead.com, you will easily achieve these two things.

Remember, a VIP is doing businesses with you because you have provided him with a good service so far, but when a different bookie comes up and offers the VIP with pay per head services like the ones available at priceperhead.com, it is fact that he might feel curious and might start placing bets with the other bookmaker, so, don’t be left behind in the run for the acquisition and retention of VIP clients, use priceperhead.com and have a much-needed edge.

How do you know if you are choosing the right Price per Head Provider?

April 17, 2009

Choosing the best pay per head service is not easy; especially when there are so many out there claiming to be the best on the sportsbook services they provide. In this betting business, the least thing that has to be done is being naïve about this subject. There are many things that should be taken into consideration before deciding to opt for one pay per head provider. Here are some of the things you may want to take in mind when choosing a bookmaker service.

If you have a bunch of players under you command but you want some free time for yourself, then the best option for you may be hiring sportsbook services. But, which one should you choose? You may want to try out the ones that you thought were better first, but make sure they are offering the pay per head service you are looking for. The betting options you deal with, the professional costumer service assistance and the sports betting reports that you are interested in managing when controlling your players and what you actually want your player to have the control of.

The price of the bookmaker service is very important, if you are looking for a price that best accommodates to the range you are seeking for, then you should know that there are different alternatives for you to choose from; but remember that the cheapest pay per head provider is not always the best. Be careful when choosing a pay per head provider. It would be better to hire a company that charges a little more but gives the best sportsbook services than a cheap one with a mediocre service, which you are not looking for.

Looking for the right pay per head service is definitely not that hard if you know what you want before you start looking for one. A pay per head provider may claim to be the best, but that may just be advertising, so do not let yourself go for the attractive offers they are promoting, but for the service you are willing to pay for because you found what you were seeking for